What is AutoMobility LA?

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Why Now?

AutoMobility LA has been in the works for the past five years. Recognizing that professionals from the auto and tech sectors began working closer together, we created the Advanced Tech Showcase in 2012, to highlight this burgeoning intersection of the industry. That evolved into the Connected Car Expo (CCE) in 2013, when a world-class conference component was added to address changes in the industry. CCE doubled in size (attendance and exhibitors) year after year; that, with the growing presence of a new breed of attendees at LA Auto Show’s Press & Trade Days resulted in our steady, calculated merger of the two shows into one huge event for the new automotive ecosystem.

Meet AutoMobility LA

Our industry is changing. Technology is mobilizing individuals and industries with brilliant new ideas. Only AutoMobility LA has the foresight to bring the biggest, brightest minds behind the new mobility movement together under one roof for four days of networking, three days of breaking news and two days of learning. Following AutoMobility LA, the Los Angeles Auto Show opens its doors to the public for ten days of excitement.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with their sights set on the new mobility movement. Automakers. Futurists. Engineers. Analysts. Media. Developers. Designers. Entrepreneurs. Startups. Transportation planners. Investors. Dealers. Enthusiasts. Dreamers. Doers. Game changers.

Why? You’ll find yourself at the intersection of big ideas and big energy. You’ll benefit in countless ways.