Our Mission

AutoMobility LA strives to create a safer, more efficient and environmentally-conscious mobility experience for the global consumer.

We aim to achieve these goals by fostering interaction and innovation among businesses, organizations and government offices involved both directly and tangentially in the new mobility industry.

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What is AutoMobility LA?

AutoMobility LA brings together the entire new mobility ecosystem. The four-day press and trade event brings automakers, tech companies, designers, developers, startups, investors, dealers, government officials and analysts together in Los Angeles each year to unveil the future of transportation in front of media from around the world.

Who Attends?

25,000+ attendees with their sights set on the new mobility movement. Automakers. Futurists. Engineers. Analysts. Media. Developers. Designers. Entrepreneurs. Startups. Transportation planners. Investors. Dealers. Enthusiasts. Dreamers. Doers. Game changers.

Why? You’ll find yourself at the intersection of big ideas and big energy. You’ll benefit in countless ways.

Why Now?

AutoMobility LA was born from the recognition that auto and tech professionals plus government officials are working closer together than ever before. In 2012 we created the Advanced Tech Showcase to highlight the collaboration across different industries. That evolved into the Connected Car Expo (CCE) in 2013, when a world-class conference component was added to address changes in the auto transportation. After a few years of explosive growth from returning and new attendees, CCE merged with LA Auto Show’s Press & Trade Days to form one huge event for the new automotive ecosystem – AutoMobility LA.