2017 Challenge Theme: "Smarter L.A. 2060"

With the “Smarter L.A. 2060” challenge theme, AutoMobility LA, Microsoft and supporting sponsors are inviting leading automotive, transportation, mobility, technology, architecture and design companies to tap their most creative teams to imagine what life would be like in Los Angeles if it were to host a major international sporting event in 2060.

Set in the year 2053, the theme focuses on the City of Los Angeles’ bid to host a highly-anticipated global sporting event in the year 2060. In its presentation to the International Sporting Event Committee, the city must include a smart transportation/mobility plan that outlines how 20 million citizens, athletes, volunteers, dignitaries and visitors will get around Los Angeles using new and existing public, private and alternate modes of transportation/mobility.

Applications are now closed for this year's challenge.

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The Judges

  • Chris Down — Senior Vice President & Global Brand General Manager, Hot Wheels at Mattel, Inc.
  • Clay Dean — Chief Innovation Officer, Under Armour
  • Danny Stillion — Partner & Executive Design Director, IDEO
  • Jamie Sciturro — Solution Executive, Autodesk
  • Riccardo Giraldi — Principal Creative Director, Microsoft NEXT
  • Seleta Reynolds — General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
  • Stewart Reed — Transportation Design Department Chair, ArtCenter College of Design

Concept Guidelines

  • In your abstract, describe what “smarter” cities, mobility and venues are. How do they differ from their “smart” predecessors of the early 21st Century?
  • Address how will the vehicles and infrastructure of Los Angeles change to accommodate for vertical transportation and level-five autonomy or greater?
  • What sort of experiences will athletes, fans and citizens from around the world …and beyond… be able to have?  How about those with special needs?
  • Describe the experiences that the L.A. Convention & Visitors Bureau and the International Sporting Event Committee will use to market (mass and target, respectively) the Games in Los Angeles to athletes, visitors and locals.
  • Embrace the following values: Friendship, Respect and Excellence.

Concept Format

Teams must present their conceptual transportation/mobility plan in the format of a two-minute digital film (HD).

Every entrant’s concept content will be displayed digitally on a blog-style webpage template for viewers to enjoy.

Each team must design a poster using an image from its concept plan to commemorate L.A.’s bid to host the 2060 Games.

Concept Presentation

The five finalists of this year’s Design & Developer Challenge will present their concept video and presentation to a panel of judges and a live audience during AutoMobility LA. The presentations will take place on the main stage inside the Technology Pavilion from 4:15-5:15 pm on Wednesday, November 29.

• 2-minute introduction of team and name of its concept
• 2-minute presentation of concept film
• 5-minute Q&A from judges (one or more audience questions)
• 1-minute buffer between teams

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