The GENIVI Alliance is a nonprofit industry alliance committed to driving the broad adoption of specified, open source, In-Vehicle Infotainment software. Automakers and their suppliers today are facing three major challenges in their development of new infotainment systems:

  • Responding to consumer demand for familiar smartphone applications and preferences while driving their car
  • Managing the complexity and cost of delivering and maintaining an increasingly large codebase required for a full-featured IVI system
  • Keeping their customers while competing consumer electronic device-based technologies threaten branding, ownership of data and business models.

GENIVI provides automakers four unique approaches to meet these challenges:

  • Define – Allows flexible definition of IVI systems that fit customers’ latest needs
  • Partner – Supports business model evolution and networking across the supply chain
  • Leverage – Provides standard, open source architectures, tools and software components
  • Reuse – Allows reuse of components and redeployment of solutions, with no royalty fees

GENIVI is addressing important automotive industry needs by:

  • Adopting open source software methodologies and best practices
  • Promoting OEMs and T1s usage of their own technology roadmaps, branding and business models

GENIVI’s technical deliverables consisting of individual software components, standard interfaces/APIs, flexible technical architecture and pre-integrated, reusable IVI platform are essential to overcoming the IVI challenges faced by every automaker. Based on GENIVI worldwide adoption and solution availability, many automakers and suppliers agree that GENIVI technologies are at the forefront of a new generation of IVI solutions.