Uscooters offers a combination of durability, convenience, speed and power all packed into less than 24 pounds of easy to operate solid engineering and innovation. The Standard Uscooter is designed to travel at speeds around 18 miles per hour, and cover distances of over 20 miles depending upon speed, weight of rider and road conditions with a charge of just over 2 hours. The Uscooter offers Ergonomic Hand Grips and a multipoint suspension system to help keep the rider traveling in comfort while at the same time providing a dual braking system and front and rear lights that will help keep the rider traveling safely. It utilizes a 33 volt Lithium Polymer Battery that connects to a 500 Watt front dive brushless motor that is capable of traversing grades of up to 25 degrees and then while descending the magnetic brake that is connected to Kinetic Energy Recovery System helps to recharge the battery and extend the overall range. All of these capabilities are coupled with a vehicle that can be folded up and easily put into the smallest of spaces for quick, reliable and easy transport while not in use. There are many more things to say about the Uscooter, but the real proof of its capabilities are felt when get on and ride it. As you feel the ground begin to go past you suddenly realize that there are so many potential uses for the Uscooter.