What Is GO: Movement Reimagined?

It is is a stunning showcase of smart mobility devices meant for easy and efficient personal transporation.

Micro Kickboard

Micro has been designing innovative scooters & kickboards™ since 1999. Swiss Founder Wim Ouboter had a goal to create a reliable mode of transport for adults, one that was carefree and convenient for riding a short ‘micro’ distance, one he defined as too far to walk but too short for a car.

Micro scooters provide active, portable transport, with no waiting for pick-ups and no worries about locking or parking. Micro’s latest innovations include two new electric scooters, Micro Luggage for riding through airports and the Pedalflow, a folding bike without a seat.

Phantom Bikes

In 2009 John Allen King began executing on a simple idea: Create a new lifestyle brand of affordable motorized bikes that would include both a gas and electric engine models – bikes built of quality and with comfort of design in mind. The business has been growing ever since and Phantom Bikes has now moved into a new 2500 sq. ft. building in the Miramar area of San Diego. The company plans on continued growth and hopes to soon outgrow their new facility.

Phantom Bikes provides a one year warranty on all products. The Phantom Bikes commitment to quality and to customer service will always be at the forefront of everything the company stands for.

Phantom Bikes has also been proudly featured on Jay Leno’s Garage.


Propella integrates technology with aesthetics to develop electric power-assist bicycles that are elegant and lightweight. Minimalism is at the core of our design and allows us to deliver efficient performance while maintaining simplicity and reliability. Our mission is to bridge the gap between bikes and electric bikes.


Razor embodies the spirit of fun and freedom. The company was founded in 2000 with the introduction of its now legendary, original Razor kick scooter, which quickly became an essential ride for anyone on the go. Today, Razor products are available worldwide, with a full range of wheeled goods to inspire and excite riders everywhere. Innovative products and great value have distinguished Razor as a trusted global brand and industry leader.


URBAN626, LLC is a innovation and design company that is focused on building beautiful products that solve the pain points of urban living. URB-E, which stands for Urban Electric, is the company's first all electric personal electric vehicle. Designed in Pasadena and 100% built in California, URB-E is made out of carbon fiber and 6061 aircraft aluminum. URB-E has a range of 20 miles, a top speed of 15 mph, folds in one second and charges iPhones and USB tablets.