Fan Wen

Fan is an investor at Plug and Play Ventures. As one of the core members of the mobility team, Fan leads investments across a number of evolving spaces such as autonomous driving, computer vision applications, and edge computing. With a diverse background in ridesharing, autonomous driving, and VC investing, Fan is always passionate about making urban mobility smarter. As an active advisor and investor, Fan is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow and make impacts.

By leveraging industry knowledge, Fan has authored the “2018-2019 Mobility Investment Trends Report” and “Deeptech Investment Guidelines”, which received high recognition from both the investor community and many startup founders. Fan has also published numerous articles on autonomous driving and blockchain. As a coder himself, Fan also enjoys innovating things from VC sourcing tools to a cryptocurrency tracker.

Fan holds an MBA from Yale University where he received a full-ride scholarship for his social-impact-making career.